Antiques, Pottery and Art


Antique aficionados near Zebulon, NC? The Main House, Log Cabin and Lodge at Bennett Bunn are fully furnished with period American antique furniture and decorated with early pottery, toys, art and historical artifacts. Almost all of the furniture, pottery and art are southern, with much of it from central and eastern North Carolina. Most of the furniture dates from 1675 to 1830. We are fortunate to have two significant pieces made around 1790 by the renowned “W.H.” Cabinetmaker of eastern North Carolina, as well as several other quality pieces that would be the envy of any of Raleigh’s museums. We also have a couple of pottery jars from “Dave the Slave” Drake, from Edgefield, South Carolina, as well as other outstanding examples of early North Carolina pottery.

Feel free to ask questions about the furniture, pottery or art if it is of interest to you. We keep a supply of items that can be sold or traded. Inquire to Tom if you are interested!